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The "Schulze" of Schulze Exteriors

I started this business because I enjoyed helping people I knew with their homes. I learned the craft of roofing, siding, and windows working for one of the areas largest companies as a young man out of high school. I take pride in my work by delivering a quality product with quality service to all my customers.


When I'm not working I spend time with my family and on the water fishing.


Casey and wife Teri, son Owen, and daughter Addison.


Casey's Family Picture

That's me...Casey!

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Casey Schulze


Jeremy Hentz

The "Installer" of Schulze Exteriors

Our website is underconstruction.


More information about Jeremy to come.

Jeremy Hentz

Exterior Installer

The "Estimator" of Schulze Exteriors

Far and away my favorite part of the job is customer service. I truly enjoy forming new relationships on the job, every single day.


I take great pride in using my 35 years of experience in this trade to make each customer feel secure in the fact that we at Schulze Exteriors will always use our expertise to offer the best solutions to their project. I enjoy earning every homeowner's trust while providing the responsible knowledge needed to oversee the investment that they are putting into their home.

Mike, wife Anne, daughter Brecken, and son Wade.

Mike Harrmann

Exterior Estimator


The "Hub" of Schulze Exteriors

Holly's core values are being honest, staying calm under pressure, and staying dedicated.


Holly enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, gardening and spending time outdoors. She lives on a farmette where they raise chickens.


Holly Hackbarth

Office Manager

Jeremy, Olivia, and pet.

The "Pete" of Schulze Exteriors

Pete Schulze is the jack-of-all-trades. Known as the local mechanic, fix-it-guy, and a generous soul. Pete helps his son Casey with the office operations and bookkeeping during his retirement from a 40-year career in metrology.


Prior to settling into retirement Pete traveled the world, explored the art of motorcylce and vintage vehicles restoration, flew planes for fun, and stayed active in snow and water sports.


Now Pete enjoys tinkering with projects, spending time with grandchildren, and sharing stories with his many friends who enjoy stopping by.

Pete Schulze



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Holly, Husband, Son, Daughter.